Tree Donation Helps Foundation Fundraising

Fabio Carrara Peluso has propagated and donated 120 trees to the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation A donation of over 100 rainforest trees will be used to raise funds for the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation through a Caravonica-based tree planting project.

Fabio Carrara Peluso, a Cairns tour guide of over 15 years, propagated and donated 120 trees to the Foundation, which will be used by Skyrail Rainforest Cableway in its Rainforest Link tree-planting packages.

Proceeds from the use of these trees will assist the Foundation in achieving its vision: "The protection of tropical rainforests worldwide through sound management, understanding and appreciation through research and education."

Skyrail General Manager and Skyrail Rainforest Foundation Board Member, Max Shepherd, said Mr Carrara Peluso's donation would provide both monetary and environmental benefits.

"The donation of these trees will not only provide valuable funding for the Foundation, but will also play an important role in the development of Skyrail's rainforest regeneration corridor," Mr Shepherd said.

"The trees will also be used to educate visitors about the importance of Australia's Tropical Rainforests, thus helping the Foundation work towards its vision," he said.

"Mr Peluso has set an example that will encourage other tourism businesses to contribute to rainforest conservation through organisations like the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation."

Mr Carrara Peluso said the participation of individuals in rainforest projects was crucial to the ongoing health of Australia's Tropical Rainforests.

"It's a big passion of mine because I want to help the environment," Mr Carrara Peluso said.

"Individually we have to do our bit... to bring the rainforests back to what they used to be," he said.

"That's what I want to do, that's my main goal, and it's a very achievable goal if we all do our bit to help."

Mr Carrara Peluso's donation incorporates a cross-section of rainforest species, including Lilly Pillies, Kauri Pines and several palm species.

They will be planted in Skyrail's rainforest regeneration corridor, in conjunction with the Rainforest Link package, over the next few months. By participating in Rainforest Link, guests gain hands-on rainforest regeneration experience, while learning the importance of Australia's Tropical Rainforests.

When completed, the tree corridor will link the freshwater lake at Skyrail's Caravonica Terminal with the nearby rainforest, providing a safe passage to water for a variety of native birds and animals.

How You Can Help

Individuals can apply to become members of the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation, and receive numerous member benefits.

Private and corporate donations are also welcomed. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.