Microbats in the Wet Tropics: Tamara Inkster

A 2010 recipient of Skyrail Rainforest Foundation student funding, James Cook University Student (JCU) Tamara Inksters project - "Community assemblage, altitudinal graidents, and climatic requirements of Microbats in the Wet Tropics", will provide much needed data on the distributions of numerous Microbat species and required a great deal of field work which was essential for increasing our knowledge of the Microbat species, including producing an identification guide to the calls of the bats of the Wet Tropics.

Ultrasonic echolocation calls emitted by microbats during foraging and navigation are, in most case, species specific. This allows species identifications to be made based solely on call recordings.To date, our knowledge of calls produced by species inhabiting the Wet Tropics is restricted.

This project formed a larger PhD project investigating the community assemblage, altitudinal gradients and ecological requirements of Microbats in the Tropics and will fill an important gap in our knowledge of distribution of microbat species in the region.

Microbats are considered to provide essential information to determine the true impact of climate change on those species which inhabit the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Tamara's Project is also supported by the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change (CTBCC) and James Cook University (JCU).